Easy ways to paint skirtingboards

If you want a nice finishing to your room walls, you can paint the skirtingboards. It is super easy to paint skirting boards. If you want to paint your boards, follow these below steps.

1. Pick the color that you have chosen for your skirting boards. Generally, people like to follow the same color tone of their walls. If you want modern and contemporary feel into your room, you can try Darker boards. If your room is not enough large, then use lighter colors to appear it larger. Of course, you can choose a crisp and pure white color, if you are not sure about the colors.

2. Choose a perfect brush for painting. Generally, a 2-inch brush will work perfectly for your skirting boards. If you approach water-based paint, you should buy those brushes that have synthetic bristles.

3. Sand the wall surface. This will prevent the wall from future chipping which allow a solid bonding with the paint. Try with a soft brush for removing dust and paint.

4. Prepare a neat and clean base. Use mild soap and water solution to clean your dirty or chipped boards. Sugar soap or washing up liquid also work efficiently.

5. Tape up the edges. If you want a clear and professional finish, you should tape up around the floor edge. If there is carpet over the floor, press the edge and tap down the edge’s gap. Tap up the edge will ensure you that your paint doesn’t spoil the floor surface.

6. Begin painting. Brush up the paint, take a half of the bristles first, and then wipe away excessive paint. Start evenly, and work in section, example; start about a meter long.

7. After finishing first coat, apply a second coat. You don’t need to sand before applying second coat. Check whether the first paint is dried properly. A solvent based paint takes 24 hours to dry.

8. When the second coat finished, remove the tape. Be careful while removing masking tape.

If you can paint your skirtingboards properly, it might bring an elegant feel in your rooms. So, never miss any of the above steps.